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About me

I'm Jaley, owner of Encore Consignment Shop! I'm a momma to the most handsome little blue eyed baby, Paxton--and of course my fur babies Turbo, Riley, and Boo. Handsome men must run in the family because my insanely supportive husband, Kyle,  is at the top of that list. I grew up in the small town of Bremen, Indiana where two stop lights are all that's needed. 


I'm terrified of the unknown and heights so diving headfirst into owning a small business is natrually what I would decide on for a career path. I started working for Pattie, the original Encore owner, in high school. It was the first job I ever had and I loved it, but I never dreamed that it would also be my last--Lord help me, I'm going to do this until it's time to buy that pretty beachfront house that sits in the old folks gated community in a state where snow doesn't exist. Join me on my journey into owning a small business, keeping up on trends, being a mom/wife,  and not losing my sanity (maybe I should take up juggling?).